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About Us

GO Fur Fashion is a leading brand in leather with its high quality, stylish and fashionable designs.

It is a brand that has adopted the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction with its healthy and quality product portfolio, aiming to combine leather and fashion with the understanding of "Leather and Fur always shows quality".

GO Fur Fashion, which makes original designs considering customer satisfaction, is aware and sensitive that workmanship is as important as material in the quality of Turkish lambskin and fur.

Leather and fur suede, whose designs are made by our special design team, are carefully selected and integrated with skillful hands.

Made of Turkish lambskin and fur suede, our jackets offer the privilege of using high-quality products for many years, together with their original designs, quality, elegance, and fine craftsmanship.

GO Fur Fashion, which meticulously carries out handwork at every stage of the production process, also pays great attention to the patterns of carefully selected leather and furs.